The Worcestershire Centre Chairman

Kevin Mills, with wife Debbie

Hello and welcome to a new year of rallying, but unusually, not a brand new Chairman. I'm back in the hot seat once again, after my sabbatical.

We have worked hard as a committee to provide you all with a wide range of rallies this year, some with full facilities, some on sites with electric hookup, a trip over to Europe once again, and we're lucky to have secured a half term week in Whitby, a place that everyone I speak to, loves to visit.

We now have well over 800 members in the group, but many of you we never see. How about trying a rally this year, you never know you might like it. 99% of our new meeters over the last year have come back for a second go, so we can’t be that bad. There are many centres that are closing due to lack of support and we certainly don’t want to join them.
I attend most of the rally’s throughout the year, so if you come out I will look forward to meeting you and have a coffee, or whatever your preference (doesn’t count if all 800 turn up on the same weekend of course !).
Naturally, all those regular ralliers are just as welcome to coffee too, so I look forward to catching up with you throughout the year.

All the best,  Kevin.